Funded through the USDA's Agriculture, Food and Research Initiative (AFRI) grants program. Award Number: 2011-68004-30079

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Community Foodsystems Graduate Curriculum

The AFP is an educational endeavor for all of us. As we shape our understanding of the regional foodshed it will be important to transfer our gained knowledge and experience to students, eager to contribute to enhancing our regional food security through professional or academic practice. To meet this end, the AFP is developing a multidisciplinary graduate course in Community Food Systems that will be offered across the three partner institutions- Virginia Tech, NC State and West Virginia University. The curriculum development team will be a collaborative effort between faculty, students, and community partners. The goal is to enhance graduate student understanding of the complexity of community food systems by emphasizing systems thinking and community involvement and leadership. Connection to the greater community will be reinforced through an experiential learning project pairing the students with community partners in each state.