Funded through the USDA's Agriculture, Food and Research Initiative (AFRI) grants program. Award Number: 2011-68004-30079

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AFP Management Team

Susan Clark, Project Director
Virginia Tech
Virginia state lead, Community Food Security Assessment lead

Cheryl Brown, Co-Project Director
Agricultural and Resource Economics
West Virginia University
West Virginia state lead

Steve Hodges, Co-Project Director
Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Virginia Tech
Model lead

Kim Niewolny, Co-Project Director
Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education Virginia Tech
eXtension CoP lead (Community, Local and Regional Food Systems)

Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Co-Project Director
Crop Science
NC State
North Carolina state lead, Curriculum lead

Nikki D'Adamo-Damery, Deputy-Director
Virginia Tech
Communication, outreach, evaluation

Phil D'Adamo-Damery, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education
Virginia Tech
    eXtension CoP, qualitative methodology

Dan Taylor
Agricultural and Applied Economics
Virginia Tech
    Model working group

Pete Ziegler
Research Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Director, CALS Resident Instruction
Virginia Tech
Virginia coalition task force, CFSA